We’re Drivin’ Now!

All the preparation and anticipation is behind us. And there was a lot! Ten days after the coolant dump I found coolant dripping from under the truck when we were loading in San Jose. With trip deadlines at hand I hooked up the trailer and headed for the dealer in Roseville. That was where the previous repairs had been done and seemed the best option since they knew the truck, knew the planned trip, and were on the way.

I really have to thank the entire crew at Reliable GMC in Roseville, especially Art. They all worked very hard in locating all the parts they needed and turned my water pump problem around in 24 hours. Thanks a lot guys!

20180819_0825221677459612626099459.jpgHeaded out this morning from Truckee at 0830. Now, after a tumultuous 2 weeks with the truck and all of the resultant anxiety, it will take some pretty good miles to restore confidence in the 15 year old vehicle that has been so solid for over 240,000 miles. Especially with a fully loaded trailer. The reasonably easy run from Truckee to Wells, NV is a good first day for reestablishing the confidence needed to relax for what will be a great 5,000 mile trip.

IMG_20180819_091025417I’ve made this Nevada crossing several times and there is not much to remark on. Thunder Mountain Monument, Battle Mountain, and the California Trail Interpretive Center are about all along the Humboldt River for which I’d consider stopping (Ailea’s Note: though not this trip). Fortunately (or not, as your pleasure dictates), we have a full playlist of Dan Hicks and Jimmy Buffet for the cast of singalongs in the truck today. Not to mention Two Cats and a Dog!

Two cats and a dog …

So, this will be interesting, if not fun. Two thousand miles, five nights, a 2003 GMC truck with 241,000 miles, towing a 7×14 cargo trailer, 3 adults, 2 cats and a small dog.

Stranded on 80

Stranded on 80

Lost a heater hose and all coolant while preparing for the trip. Better here than the middle of Nevada desert.