Welcome to Madison, WI

After two days in Laramie, getting my rear end repaired, we finally got back on the road. I was told to fear Sherman Summit just ahead. Seems the GM dealer often gets motorhomes with burnt transmission after trying to go up the 1600 feet from Laramie to the summit while in cruise control. So I kept waiting for this tough grade to show up.

Got me to thinking about the trip through the Rockies on 80. This portion of the Rockies is very tame, a gradual increase in elevation over several hundred miles culminating in 8600 foot Sherman Summit, the highest point along Interstate 80. Much different from the 7000 foo20180827_1859514236661857578035130.jpgt elevation change over less than a hundred miles that is the Sierra.

Getting down to Cheyenne got us on to the plains and an opportunity to make up for lost time. A solid 11 hours driving on Thursday put us back on track for getting into Madison by 3PM on Robin’s Birthday.


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