Should have started the pool…

20180821_1607491357410347224821057.jpgWhen I was leaving the GMC dealer in Roseville, after the last repair, I asked the crew there if anyone wanted to start a pool on when I’d meet my first mechanic on this trip. After all, the truck has 242,000 miles on it and we’re traveling pretty heavy. The answer, if anyone would have taken it, is Tuesday, August 21, in Laramie, Wyoming. Had some rear end noise start up about an hour out of Rock Springs. Was able to call ahead to Laramie GM about 120 miles in front of us. Got in to be checked out around 1pm. Needing some bearings replaced in the differential and axle. They’re working very hard at it today and hope to be back on the road around 6pm today (Wed, Aug 22).

Really appreciate the willingness of everyone we’ve met to drop whatever they can to help out people on the road and get us back traveling as soon as possible!

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