Wells to Rock Springs

img_20180820_09571747628448954202529846454..jpgThe 365 miles from Wells, Nevada, through Utah, and in to Rock Springs, Wyoming was without incident, without excitement, without … well, anything noteworthy. Except some beautiful scenery along the salt flats of Bonneville, the Great Salt Lake, up the Wasatch Mountains. I did have a nice chat with a couple from Manitoba on two week holiday on their Harley. Shared a few travel stories there.


The Wasatch climb was a good test for what comes tomorrow … the rest of the Rockies as we take on our toughest day. 380 miles and between 7 and 8 hours on the road as we head into Sidney, Nebraska.

Ailea’s Note: Sean and Nick were (overall) great loose in the car again, though they were definitely more talkative until the last 2 hours or so. Also, Sean tried to pull a fast one and get in the driver’s seat whilst I took a picture of the Utah sign. We’ll see how they handle the longer drive tomorrow…

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